2. Animal Friends

Art: Desert Dog by Natalie Giza

Song: I’m a Good Girl by Evan Forsythe (Click Here)

Story by Jennifer Lauren

She’s the most precious of the pets, the sweetest of her sort, and the cutest of her kind. Rebellious from her core, all energy she spends is budgeted only for her self and just a few friends. She prances, dances, sashays, and stalks… but, never does something as boring as walk. Just like her namesake her hips don’t lie, but that’s from the adventure that ensured a twisty little leg that she ignores.

Like a wolf in a pack she heeds only one.

And then she works to see her own will done. She’ll cry, and she’ll beg, and she’ll even be cute – until you get too close and she snatches your loot. Then as she darts and twists away, she’ll grin back at you and it makes your day.

What is it about her? The sweet disposition? The perfect bear face or the limp in her kitchen? The little heathen! She’s feral I tell you. Don’t be moved by her whine, or her paw on your elbow. Whatever she wants, it’s rightfully yours. Don’t give it now or she’ll come back for more.

Or, maybe just do. Just welcome her in. Give her some snacks and let her sleep in your room. She’s warmer than air and so much less lonely. Bumps in the night are her territory. Plus, she doesn’t mind when you’re not feeling so glorious.

She’s the most precious, big little doggie. Wild and skittish and so damn disarming. Fuzzy and warm and deviously cute. She’s just surviving by playing you.

And she’ll claim your heart too.

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